Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, ROCKBAND

Vince knew from an early age he needed music in his life.  His father, a piano/organ player with a great vinyl collection, helped influence and shape Vince’s musical interests since the time he could reach the turntable.  At age 8 he picked up his first guitar.  Since then, he has added voice, drums, bass,and ukulele to his musical talents. 

By the time Vince was a sophomore in high school he was already writing, performing and recording original material. During his teens he was also identified as being a strong leader with a natural talent for teaching.  By junior year, the high school guitar instructor had Vince teaching the class himself, having him utilize his gift for teaching and taking advantage of his advanced skill level (surpassing even the guitar teacher). He continued instructing the guitar class until he graduated high school.

After earning his Bachelors from the University of South Florida,  he focused mainly on writing, performing and recording music.  Directly after college, Vince moved across the country to Tacoma, Washington and spent two years working with,  recording & touring with Fallen Skyward culminating in recording a full length album in 2000 entitled “All the Same“.  During his time out West, Vince also worked as a session musician at Pacific Recording Studios in Tacoma and in 2001, he received an Honorable Mention in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest for a song titled “I Forgot You“.

In 2007 he recorded a full length CD “Cut Me Down” with his band Greenhouse Effect.   He was also hired by Grammy winning producer, Bud Snyder (Allman Brothers Band, Govt. Mule), as a session musician for Spirit Ranch Recording Studios. Vince has been a featured vocalist/guitarist for a number of projects spread across different musical genres.

During these years, Vince also decided to instruct at the behest of those who witnessed his talents.  He began teaching professionally in 2002, and even with such a busy performing/recording life, he always maintained students because of his natural gift and passion for teaching.  By 2012, he was heading a local studios Rock Band and Rock camp programs and had successfully implemented a new music program geared toward very young children (4 – 6 years old).

Vince remains a coveted instructor and an active solo performer all over the Tampa Bay area in addition to being drummer and background vocalist with his alternative rock band, MidOcean.