Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano
Composition & Arranging

Will was always fascinated with music and at 9 years old began training on guitar. Several years later, he joined his schools instrumental program on trumpet and continued playing for 5 years.  When he was a sophomore in high school, he realized he wanted to spend his time focusing only on guitar and continued learning on his own and with instructors. By high school, he was playing in several local bands.

Will went on to study Classical and Jazz Guitar at Hillsborough Community College.  In HCC he performed with several ensembles, such as the Classical Guitar Ensemble,  Jazz Ensemble, and the Vocal Ensemble.  During this time, he added piano as his secondary instrument which set him in motion to more easily to follow his true passion of composition and arranging. After HCC, Will went on to the Music Industry Recording Arts program at St. Petersburg College where he continued his instrumental training, but also focused heavily on composition, adding the study of traditional styles of writing and orchestration.  He was a member of the SPC Songwriter’s club, performed often on guitar and bass parts for recording projects, and was even asked to compose original music for the schools Digital Arts Awards presentations.  One of Will’s student projects was also chosen to represent his entire program at the Honors College Conference.

After he left SPC, professors would continue working with Will, requesting his composition and arrangements of musician parts for school recording projects.  To this day former professors continue sending Will clients and students for his expertise across many musical subject areas.  Will’s specialties lie not only in instrumental performance and training, but extend to composition, songwriting, theory, and performance coaching.  All these skills, along with his knowledge of recording, programing and sequencing software, audio editing and mixing make him an extraordinarily well rounded musician and coveted educator.

Will has now been teaching successfully for over 15 years.  He has taught in schools such as Music Matters in New Port Richey, the American Rock School in Tampa and Happy Tunes Music in Lutz. He is familiar with playing & teaching a wide variety of styles and techniques and rather than using one set approach with his students, Will prefers to make all lessons unique. He uses the resources and insights he’s gained over thirty years of playing to help his students reach their goals.

Today in addition to teaching at Elizabeth Farrell Music, Will continues to perform, record and compose for media (production libraries, advertising & film).  He also places high importance on furthered learning and continues taking courses today, as he believes we can always improve, learn and further hone our crafts.