Music Flash Cards

Our Music Flash Cards app was created for BEGINNER level music students.

Created by Berklee College of Music Alumna and multi-state certified teacher Elizabeth Farrell, this app provides beginning students with digital music note flash cards. Most music flash cards give beginners too many notes to learn and memorize. Instead of helping, it becomes more confusing! As a teacher, she has seen this many times and knows memorizing fewer notes at first is always better and easier. This app lets you choose from Treble clef, Bass clef or both to help in memorizing common first notes.

Amazingly simple and easy to use, it will give you the foundation needed as you start your music education.


music flash cards



About The App

The music flash card app provided here uses common beginner notes, such as whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and dotted half notes to give more chance to practice notes for both the treble and bass clef. Practice with one clef at a time, or choose all and get a randomized shuffle of never ending cards for you to practice. There is also a resources image that provides a reference with all the correct note names.

Why It’s Better

There are many ways to learn notes, but this app is designed to go anywhere you go with your smart phone. It’s basic beginner level lets you concentrate on memorizing notes in a smaller quantity enabling you to start playing better, faster! ¬†Master the basics first, and see your progress take off!

Where to Buy the App

Available for the iPhone4 & 5 and Android Phones.


Technical Data:

– App does NOT contain ads.

– App does NOT collect your private information.