Hello Music Instructors Worldwide,

My name is Brian. I am in charge of business development, marketing and technology for Elizabeth Farrell Music. I have finally moved to a phase of seeking out instructors in music, voice and and sound. My goal is to populate this website with valuable video based content for the end user.

If you have browsed our website. You’ll see what are essentially courses that have been primarily assembled from free content available on YouTube and a few privately created videos. While YouTube is an awesome platform. It really sucks in the ability to allow a user find organized coursework in music. You can spend a day searching for and finding instructors, courses and more. This is why I have decided to make this platform solely for people interested in music, voice and sound.

My plan is to have a “digital university” of organized courses, tips, tutorials and more from instructors in the business daily. I have noticed  online the growing “online music courses” segment growing as music instructors are creating content and hopefully have people pay them for it.

Who I am Looking For:

I am looking for instructors in our genre that are creating online courses and have something of their own to sell, or feel they can do it also. A good example is you have taken the time to create a digital course, DVD, or have a website that offers online lessons already for a fee.

We have a growing audience of music lovers, beginner students, parents etc… who are engaging in our free courses and media assembled already. If you have some basic course series that we can put up here, then we can link them on completion of this basic coursework or series to your paid content.

We would be more than happy to give you a banner under all your videos we agree to put up. I want you to succeed.

Comment I get frequently: Why would you post a competitor or some other persons service?

Answer: This type of thinking (protectionist attitude) does not advance in the internet age. For one, we are not in the business of selling digital content. We are in the business of providing amazing content and value to our music learning audience. If your content sucks, they probably won’t continue to buy your stuff.

If it means we promote a person we do not know, or work with a competitor, so be it! If the content is great, then our audience will appreciate and consume it. If it’s really great, they will follow your links and buy your product.

In the end, we all win. You get increased exposure of your product or services, which in turns means more potential sales for your paid content from a music demographic audience, and we get to give our audience valuable content.

To begin, please email me direct at info@elizabethfarrellmusic.com