Frequently Asked Questions

How Old for Voice Lessons?

Formal voice training requires an ability to understand abstract concepts. Children are concrete thinkers and regardless of their maturity level, they won’t grasp abstract concepts until about 12 years old. For this reason many voice teachers won’t accept students younger than 12/13.

But you are in luck…

The instructors here at Elizabeth Farrell Music however, approach this differently.  We know your child loves to sing, and instead of turning them away, we will work with them at their level.  We’ve seen – too many times – children who have taken lessons from unqualified instructors which resulted in the student developing bad habits and poor technique which harms their voices. We don’t want this to happen!  Our voice teachers have developed methods to teach young children singing and musicianship in a way that they can understand. 🙂  We accept voice students as young as 5/6 years old. 

What age can a child start piano lessons?

Can your child identify numbers and letters (at least A – G)? If so then they can start! Generally, 5 is the youngest age where you know they will be ready, however we have taken children 3-4 years old, after a test lesson of course.  The real question you really need to ask, is are YOU ready to start as the parent. How much time do you want to invest in your child’s learning? The younger the child, the more help they need to learn.

Think of home practice similar to when you sit and help them with their homework. Even at older ages of 9 or 10, parents might need to sit with their child to help them get through the first practice after the week’s piano lesson.

Once the child feels comfortable, they will be able to do everything on their own. A 3/4/5 year old will need your help every time, but are certainly capable!

What age can a child learn woodwind or brass instruments?

For most of the traditional brass and woodwind instruments children will have the most success starting at around the age of 9 and the reason is mostly based on physical facts. Younger than this children will have trouble with the size of some instruments.

Not only could an instrument be too heavy, but they will be too big and the child won’t be developed enough to allow their arms and fingers to reach keys and cover holes. Also before 9 years old many kids will have trouble controlling their breath and mouthing techniques in order to produce a good tone.

Do I need a piano/ instrument at home when starting lessons?

YES. How will you learn or get better if you can’t practice?

(Imagine how hard it would have been to learn to drive if you didn’t have a car available for you to learn.)

What should I get... a keyboard or piano?

There are many options and lots of factors to take into consideration. Please follow this link for a detailed guide to help you make the best decision. 🙂