Our  Mission


Elizabeth Farrell Music is a group of dedicated educators eager to inspire and motivate students toward a lifelong love and appreciation for music as well as enhance, enrich and supplement learning with the study of vocal and instrumental music.

It is our firm belief that in order to learn, you need someone who can really teach. We understand that an amazing musician does not necessarily make an amazing teacher, which is why many of our instructors also have backgrounds in education with advanced level training & degrees. We take pride in knowing that our instructors are not only great musicians, but great educators, something extremely important for the growth and development for any music student. This combination of experience, training and education has proven itself time and time again with the student/instructor relationship and the noted progress and accomplishments of our students.


The Future

The world is becoming more and more digital which means the way education is brought to us will need to change. At Elizabeth Farrell Music, we ask the question: “How can we adapt the new tools, resources and delivery systems to enhance music education with private lessons and study?”. While technology is great, it can never substitute having a teacher,mentor or coach throughout your career. Even the best performers have coaches still pushing them, monitoring them and advising them as needed.

From web video, smart phone apps, ebooks, games and more, tomorrow’s generation of aspiring musicians will be in a different world than the one we grew up in. Elizabeth Farrell Music is in the process of introducing systems where instructors, students and parents can easily access digital information, resources and services that can be used to enhance their music learning. Overtime we hope to greatly contribute to the evolving knowledge and delivery systems that will work best in teaching music physically and digitally.