Metronomes: You need one!

A metronome is a must-have tool for any level musician.  If you don’t have a metronome already, now is the time to get one! A student of mine very kindly gave me a metronome for Christmas and I just love it. I’ve obviously used metronomes in the past, but this one is my my favorite.  My students (of all ages, mind you) have been enjoying lessons with the metronome as well.  I know many of my personal students have been asking for links to buy this particular model, so I thought I’d just share it with everyone!

Below you’ll find the info to purchase the model I currently use.  I’ve also included some short videos explaining what a metronome is and how to best to use it.

What’s a Metronome?

How to Use a Metronome in Practice.

Last but not least – Here it is!

Cherub Metronome WSM-330 (Black)

It comes in a few colors like black, white, pink and blue and you don’t need any batteries.