Music Helps Children Master Fractions!

In California, an innovative curriculum using rhythm in music has been developed to help children learn fractions in elementary school.  As you may recall for yourself, or have seen with your own children, fractions can be hard to understand, but they are hugely important.  In order to be successful in higher level math education, you need a solid grasp on the concept of fractions early on.

Researches at the University of San Francisco call this amazing curriculum “Academic Music.”    The following excerpt from the article clearly shows just how successful students were when they used music to learn fractions.

…Courey’s study included 67 students. Half the group participated in a six-week Academic Music curriculum and the rest received the school’s regular math instruction.

Students in the music-based program scored 50 percent higher on a fraction test, taken at the end of the study, compared to students in the regular math class.

Significant gains were made by students who struggle with academics. The researchers compared the test scores of lower-performing students in both groups and found that those who were taught the experimental music curriculum scored 40 percent higher on the final fractions test compared to their lower performing peers in the regular math class.

Besides improving scores and understanding, the students actually enjoyed learning fractions!  Learning difficult and important concepts easily while having fun?  Who thought it was even possible! :)


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