Music and Your Baby: Newborn to 1 Year Old

Can listening to music benefit my child? Definitely. Think about how music affects you—how an upbeat tune chases away the blues and soft music helps you fall asleep. Your baby is no different. Lullabies have a proven track record for soothing infants—ask any parent who has resorted to singing them when the baby wakes up […]

Learn more songs on guitar & ukulele!

If you don’t know about this already, it’s time you check it out: RiffStation Beta!  Basically it’s a site that allows you to very quickly and easily search songs you want to learn how to play.  I searched Green Day, Time of Your Life (because Green Day is awesome if you didn’t know…).  Check out […]

Recital Etiquette – For the Audience

Recitals are a great opportunity for both the students and teachers to exhibit the progress made throughout the year.  Parents and guests play a big part as well, and should be shown their role as the supportive team behind their performers.   With that being said, as an audience member at a music recital, you should be […]

Recital Etiquette – For Performers

Attention Performers!! It’s about time for your recital!  Whether it’s the 1st or 10th, it’s always good to know what is expected of you.  Below you’ll find some universal rules of etiquette to know when you are going to perform at a recital. HAVE CLEAN HANDS! Dirty, sticky, or oily fingers can hurt your performance and […]

Musicians have Broader Minds!

There is a great website that you can navigate to hear from music parents and students themselves.  Using information from studies and research, the Broader Minded movement picks a fact and then uses stories from real parents and students to show how it is carried over into our lives.  Here’s a sampling (but there is SO […]

Funny Things Only Musicians Will Understand!

Here’s a little collection of funny music pictures.  Only those of us who play or have played will really appreciate this.  If someone doesn’t get it – tell them it’s obviously time to go take some music lessons! 🙂  

11 Facts About Music Education You NEED to Know!

Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons. Studying music primes the brain to comprehend speech in a noisy background. Children with learning disabilities or dyslexia who tend to lose focus with more noise could benefit greatly from music […]

Access Walt Disney’s Audition Schedule

Want to try out for a part, role or performance? Access Disney’s online audition schedule to find out when and where auditions are held. Website provides easy navigation with FAQ’s on various audition roles and procedures. Give it a try!  

Grand Opening: South Sarasota!

We are beyond excited to announce the opening of our South Sarasota Studio Location! Starting March 3rd,we’ll be able to provide the Sarasota area with the highest quality music lessons no matter if you live in Bradenton or Venice. In addition to all the instrumental and voice lessons we currently offer, we will soon be […]

Metronomes: You need one!

A metronome is a must-have tool for any level musician.  If you don’t have a metronome already, now is the time to get one! A student of mine very kindly gave me a metronome for Christmas and I just love it. I’ve obviously used metronomes in the past, but this one is my my favorite. […]