The Audience is the Instrument at the World Science Festival

Watch Bobby McFerrin use his audience as the instrument! No matter where in the world he has tried this interactive audience experiment, the results were always the same. People are hardwired for music! Try to participate as if you were in the audience and see for yourself!

Free Sheet Music Online

Finding free music to download or print from the Internet can get a little tricky.  Searches often lead you to sites that are so hard to navigate, you can’t find anything even close to what you’re looking for, or they end up bringing you somewhere to make you buy music.  I’m always on the search […]

Music Makes You Smarter

  Children who study a musical instrument for at least three years outperform children with no instrumental training on non-musical tests of vocabulary and non-verbal reasoning. This new finding adds to a list of music’s magic. Past research has shown tunes can evoke strong memories, reduce stress and even boost athletic performance. Resarchers compared 41 kids, ages […]

Piano Lessons and More

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