Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet lessons benefit everyone!  Whether you are a complete beginner, or want to take your playing to the next level, Elizabeth Farrell Music’s team of professional instructors can help!  With our extensive knowledge and training, there is no doubt we can help you become a better clarinet player.

Take lessons with us and start playing clarinet today!

About Our Studio & Learning to Play the Clarinet

Clarinet lessons are conducted in both our Lakewood Ranch and Desoto Rd. locations. All private lessons are tailored to fit your goals. In addition, all of our students have access to this website and its free resources for added help as you learn and progress as a musician.  From music entertainment to education, tips, trick and tutorials, we aim at providing music education that will help you become the player you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can a child learn clarinet?

For most  children, they will have success starting at around the age of 9 and the reason is mostly based on physical facts. Younger than this children might be too small, with hands too small to reach keys and cover holes properly. Also before 9 years old many kids will have trouble controlling their breath and mouthing techniques in order to produce a good tone.

How do you Schedule Lessons?

The best way is to inquire by email, fill in the contact form below or call. We can easily inform you of instructor availability and assist in finding a time and day that suits your schedule.

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