Guitar Lessons – Electric, Bass & Acoustic

Want to play like Led Zeppelin, Guns ‘N Roses, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Avenged Sevenfold??  Maybe Taylor Swift is more your thing…?  Whatever you want to learn, we have the perfect guitar teacher for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best age for a child to start guitar lessons?

Because of the coordination required (both hands working together simultaneously), typically age 8 is the earliest age that will allow the child to get the most out of their lessons.

What size guitar should I buy for a child beginner?

As a general rule, ages 8 & under will need a ‘mini’ or 3/4 size guitar and 10 & up will need a full sized guitar. Students age 9 will depend on the size of the child and their arm reach. Acoustic, Electric, Nylon and Bass Guitars are all available in either 3/4 or Full Size.

What type of guitar should I have for a beginner, acoustic or electric?

At the early stages, 1-2 years, either acoustic or electric is fine. Electric lends itself to lead guitar better because of the lighter strings that facilitate string bending and other techniques often used in solos.  The lighter strings can also be easier on a beginner’s fingers.  An electric guitar will also require an amplifier and guitar cable.

An acoustic guitar can be strung with lighter or ‘Silk & Steel’ strings to make playing easier on a beginner’s hands and no amplifier or cable is necessary.

Nylon string guitars, mostly used in Classical and Flamenco styles, are also a popular choice for young beginners because the nylon strings are a bit easier on the fingers.

What accessories and books will I need?

All students should have their own guitar/bass tuner, picks and a music stand.  Electric guitar/bass students will also need an amplifier and cable. A guitar stand is a great and inexpensive accessory that really pays off. You’ll be likely to play more often if it easily accessible and not put away in a case, out of sight! A guitar case or gig bag is needed for transporting your guitar anywhere.

Other accessories such as a metronome, capo and method books will be discussed in your lessons and are dependent on your level and interests.


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How do you Schedule Lessons?

The best way is to inquire by email, fill in the contact form or call. We can easily inform you of instructor availability and assist in finding a time and day that suits your schedule.


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