Online Music Lessons


  • Start a New Hobby or revisit an old one!
  • Stay Busy with a fun, positive & healthy activity.
  • Reduce Stress. Playing & learning music gives you the effect of meditating
  • Build Brain Power!  Keep your mind active and reap the scientifically proven intellectual benefits.
  • Learn a skill that will give you a lifetime of of enjoyment.
  • Open yourself to more opportunities! You never know where this could lead…

Online music provide the unique convenience of being able to play and learn anywhere you have your instrument.  They allow you to take music lessons when your otherwise couldn’t. Whether you are a complete beginner, or want to take your talents to the next level, the team of professional instructors at Elizabeth Farrell can help!  With our extensive knowledge and training, there is no doubt we can help you with online music lessons.

Take online music lessons with us and start today!

About Our Studio

All private lessons are tailored to fit your goals. In addition, all of our students have access to this website and its free resources for added help as you learn and progress as a musician.  From music entertainment to education, tips, trick and tutorials, we aim at providing the music education that will help you become the player you want to be.

How do you Schedule Lessons?

The best way is to inquire to email, inquire using the form below or to call. We can easily inform you of instructor availability and assist in finding a time and day that suits your schedule.

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