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You already love to sing, now let us help you be your absolute best!  Our teachers instruct in all styles of singing including Broadway, Pop, Country, Opera and Classical.

About Our Studio & Private Voice Lessons

Our instructors have extensive experience in performing, recording,  and songwriting.  We prepare students to win auditions and competitions in classical, country and musical theater genres.  In addition, we’ve sent students off to Julliard, New England Conservatory and many more. Our university trained, professional instructors will help you develop your voice to its maximum potential. Years of instructing voice through proper coaching has given us the insight into what will work best for you! Read more about our teachers HERE.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old for Voice Lessons?

To train your voice properly, you must understand abstract concepts. Children are concrete thinkers and regardless of their maturity level, they won’t grasp abstract concepts until about 12 years old. For this reason the youngest student I would accept for formal vocal training is 12/13 years old, when they can understand and apply the abstract concepts necessary to properly train their voice.

But my child loves to sing! I believe younger children are better off joining choirs or even participating in their school music programs. This way they can continue their love for singing, in an age appropriate way.

Set your young child up for future success. If you think your child has a beautiful voice, but is too young to start vocal training, have you considered piquing their interest with an instrument? Children can begin playing strings or piano very young, and everything they learn will set them up to be even more successful when they take on singing lessons. They will unknowingly be training their ears, while learning musicianship, theory etc. Throughout my music career, I’ve run across so many singers who didn’t read music…even in college! Every singer should read music!!! Learning young through instrumental lessons will certainly put them at an advantage as they get older.

Your Child: The Prodigy: This doesn’t happen often, but some children do have talents beyond their years. If you do have the next 7 year old Mariah Carey, voice lessons would be beneficial especially if they are already out and singing often. They can at least be taught some fundamentals, like proper breathing for example, that will help them to avoid hurting their voices.

How do you Schedule Lessons?

The best way is to inquire by email, fill in the contact form or call. We can easily inform you of instructor availability and assist in finding a time and day that suits your schedule.

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