Music & Movement Classes

We know music has incredible value socially, emotionally and developmentally so we provide opportunity for children who are still too young for traditional private lessons to participate and learn music! Geared towards preschool age students (3 & 4 year old) our Music & Movement class is the perfect primer.

These classes set the stage for multi-sensory learning that will boost areas of your child’s development through many different learning styles.

By taking classes your child will:

  • Gain more independence
  • Enhance social and emotional skills, self control
  • Boost literacy and listening skills
  • Become overall more “school ready” for when that time comes

Read about even MORE benefits for your child here.

Meet the Teacher

Having a good instructor is always necessary for successful learning, but at the delicate young ages it is even more important to have an educator who really understands young children. At Elizabeth Farrell Music, we have only the best, most qualified instructors for your little ones.

Tina Marie Pearce is a top educator and specialist for young children’s music. Tina holds a Bachelor in Music Education and was notably the European Developmental Director for Kindermusik (music programs for young children) for many years.  She not only helped develop and direct programs, but she would aid, support and train other educators.  Tina facilitated numerous master classes and seminars dedicated to young children’s music.

With Tina, you know your child will receive the highest quality education with an elite class instructor.

Read more about the instructor:

Tina Marie Pearce

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