Music Note Shoes for a Good Cause! :)

I’ve seen lots of music apparel and jewelry in my day, but I don’t remember running across a pair of shoes before!  A student of mine recently introduced me to music note shoes sold by   They are actually pretty cool, but that’s not the part that really caught my attention.

Before last week, I never even knew this company existed, but now I want to promote them to everyone! Tom’s has a program called “One for One”  which gives back to children in need.  For every pair of shoes bought, Tom’s donates one to a child.   In addition, they do something similar with glasses.  For every pair of glasses sold you can help improve the sight with glasses or surgery to those who need it. (Of course I searched for music themed glasses, but there weren’t any.  Oh well it’s still a great cause!)

To learn more about their program, CLICK HERE.