Spring Recital 2019: Information Central!

Everyone here at Elizabeth Farrell Music are once again excited for an AMAZING show!  To make it easy, this page will cover everything you need to know for recital day. all the information you’ll need to know for the recital day.  If for any reason you have another question not answered here, please email liz@elizabethfarrellmusic.com or your instructor.

We have over 120 performances, so we’ll be splitting into 4 showtimes this year.  The theatre is spacious so you are free to bring as many audience members as you’d like to the event!

Date: JUNE 8th, 2019

Location: Glenridge Performing Arts Center

7333 Scotland Way

Sarasota, FL 34238


  • Please be on time.  Ideal arrival is 20 minutes for string players (violin, viola, cello, guitar) and 15 min. for all others.  Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your showtime. We need to allow the parking lot to empty before the next show’s participants arrive.
  • Performers must check in at front desk

You have been emailed your showtime, your instructor has your showtime, or you can click the link to see the program list: PROGRAM LIST


Audience – $10 per seat (Children 3 and under FREE)

Performers – FREE

You may buy tickets online or pay by cash/check in the studio to your instructor. If you purchase online  you may print tickets at home or show on your phone at the venue.

Photography & Videography:

We are going to be recording and photographing performers so you can have great memories and share with family/friends who couldn’t make it.  The videos and photos will be available for free online after the recital.



Proper attire shows respect to your audience, as well as to yourself, and what you have accomplished!   Just follow the basic guidelines to make sure you choose an appropriate outfit.  While this is not a strict ‘formal’ event, let’s keep it classy 😉

  • Ladies: Dress pants & blouse, skirt or dress and dress shoes.
  • Gents: Collared shirts (make sure you are comfortable!) and slacks.  Ties/Jackets are not required, but definitely appropriate 🙂


NO Flip-flops
NO Sneakers / Athletic footwear
NO Platform/very high heels (don’t want to fall on stage!!)
NO Jeans / Shorts
NO Dangling/Jingling Jewelry


Pianists/wear pedal-appropriate shoes: Avoid high heels, slippery soles, or boots that might constrict your ankles.

Consider your hairstyle: Whether you’re male or female, make sure long hair won’t block your view of your instrument or music. (or your face in photos!)

Avoid Surprises! Practice in your recital clothes at least once before your performance date, and always choose clothes in which you’ll feel comfortable. 🙂

Recital Etiquette

Whether it’s your 1st or 15th recital performance, it’s always important to review what’s expected of you as a performer AND even more important, as an audience member. Click below to check out recital etiquette: