Recital Etiquette – For the Audience

Recitals are a great opportunity for both the students and teachers to exhibit the progress made throughout the year.  Parents and guests play a big part as well, and should be shown their role as the supportive team behind their performers.  

With that being said, as an audience member at a music recital, you should be aware of the following rules of etiquette to ensure a great experience for yourself and others:

  • Please refrain from any talk, whisper, or chatter during the performances. Students please set a good example by demonstrating appropriate audience behavior. (This, of course, goes for adults too!)
  • STAY UNTIL THE RECITAL IS COMPLETELY OVER!  If you leave early, once your performer is finished, it is rude, inconsiderate and unacceptable.  Everyone attends a recital to support and be a respectful audience to all performers. Watching members of the audience leave as a performer walks on stage is deflating. 🙁
  • Give enthusiastic and encouraging applause to ALL of the students! They have worked hard all year.  Please be polite however,this isn’t a football game, so no hoots and hollering. 🙂
  • Please dress nicely. Recitals are a special occasion and so it is customary to dress nicely.
  •  Once the recital begins, please listen and be quiet. Crying babies or restless little ones should be taken out.  Extra noise  is very distracting to the performer.
  • Silence Cell Phones or other devices – no vibrate either. No matter what! No excuses! Don’t be that person! The distracting sound is a given, but the light from your cell phone disturbs the people around you. Be considerate of their musical experience!
  • DON’T be late!  If something happens out of you’re control, and you do arrive late make sure to wait to enter between pieces when you hear applause. DO NOT enter while someone is performing!
  • Compositions that have movements or suites are, in general, performed without applause in the middle. (You’ll see multiple titles in the program to give you a hint)
  • For the comfort of others, stay home if you have a cold or a cough. If you must un-wrap a cough drop, bring the kind with quiet wrappers.
  •  Recording and flash photography is often a distraction –  Usually you’ll hear some type of announcement regarding this at the beginning of the show.
  •  Enjoy! Your presence is the greatest affirmation!