Recital Etiquette – For Performers

Attention Performers!!

It’s about time for your recital!  Whether it’s the 1st or 10th, it’s always good to know what is expected of you.  Below you’ll find some universal rules of etiquette to know when you are going to perform at a recital.

  • HAVE CLEAN HANDS! Dirty, sticky, or oily fingers can hurt your performance and bother the next pianist. If you complete a long piece and notice some keys are slippery with sweat (a very common issue), notify a stagehand or instructor so they can clean the keyboard before the next performer’s time slot.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME.  You should not be late to your performance! It’s  disrespectful to your audience and to your fellow musicians.
  • EASY ON THE PERFUME/COLOGNE: Seem strange to say this? Well, your perfume or cologne will linger around the piano/stage after you go back to your seat, and it’s possible it could give the next performer some sinus or eye irritation; or, at the very least, create a distraction that can prevent them from getting “in the zone.”
  • THANK YOUR AUDIENCE!  Acknowledge and thank your audience with a BOW at the end of your piece.
  • PAY ATTENTION!  Know when it is your turn. Once it’s your turn, rise quickly and walk up to the stage. Adjust the bench, or other equipment, pause to collect your thoughts, and begin when you are ready.
  • RESPECT YOUR PEERS!  You’ll be part of the audience when you aren’t on stage, so be courteous and watch others perform with the same respect YOU want while you’re up there. Unnecessary noise from whispering, talking, candy wrappers (no food!), etc. during a program is not acceptable.  Reading, studying, playing on your phone, etc.  during a program are also inappropriate.
  • DRESS PROPERLY!  Wear nice clothes and appropriate shoes.  Flip flops, jeans, sneakers are not things that are appropriate.  Something a bit less obvious, watch out for accessories!  Dangling/jingling jewelry etc. will probably be a distraction for you while you perform.

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