STOP!!! and hear the music….Seriously.

If you had the chance, would you stop and take a minute from your busy life and listen to one of the absolute best musicians in the world?   Most of you are saying “of course” right about now.  Do you think you’d recognize amazing talent if you heard it?  Again, you are probably answering “yes”.  Well in a social experiment by the Washington Post, only 6 people stopped to hear the music. 🙁

Joshua Bell, a world famous and incredibly amazing violinist, played incognito in a Washington D.C. metro station.  To give you an idea, two days prior to the experiment Bell played for a sold out theater with ticket prices that averaged $100 each.  Here is Joshua Bell playing a hugely impressive piece of music on a violin worth 3.5 million dollars, yet only 6 people stopped to listen!

Basically, the Washington Post wanted to experiment about people’s taste and perception.  At a busy time in a normal environment, do people recognize or appreciate beauty?  Can we recognize extreme talent no matter the circumstance?  Seems not.

If thousands of people could miss one of the most impressive musicians in the world playing such a beautiful piece of music, it makes me wonder, what else are we missing??

Read the full article and see the YouTube video HERE.