“I am a retired teacher (71) who chose to work with Ms Liz Farrell as a voice student. Ms Farrell is an absolutely excellent teacher. She tailored her lessons to my needs as an amateur and made them fun as well as very helpful. She uses all the latest techniques to be sure you have the support you need to practice at home as you prepare for the next lesson.

Working with Ms Farrell will be rewarding for anyone interested in improving their abilities whether they are amateurs, as I, or serious students. She is a fine teacher and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. ”

Kael F. Kirkpatrick


“I worked with Liz Farrell as the accompanist for the children at Sarasota School for Arts and Sciences on two occasions in the 2010-2011 school year. In rehearsals and in performances she had a no-nonsense delivery that kept the children on task and drew out the very best in their abilities. Liz was able to work with the many personalities within her choral groups and the school bands which she directed as well.

She created an environment of fun and discipline that produced happy and impressive results. It was apparent to me that all of the children liked her and were eager to do their best. The whistles, hollers and happy yelps from the children when Liz was introduced to the audiences at the end of each concert told the whole story. It was a pleasure to work with Liz and watch her working with the students.”

Mindy Simmons, Professional Entertainer, award winning singer/songwriter www.mindysimmons.com


“We can’t say enough about Ms. Farrell! We originally started our 13 year old son with trumpet and piano lessons through the summer and then he decided he wanted to focus on piano only. Ms. Farrell is very knowledgeable on all aspects of music. Her caring personality, willingness to teach and great personality made the decision easy to start our 7 year old son in piano lessons, as well. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful music teacher and would highly recommend her.”

Dawn R.


 “My twelve-year-old daughter has been receiving voice lessons from Ms. Farrell for four months, and the change I’ve already seen in her has been remarkable. The focused, individual attention she receives from Ms. Farrell has given her the voice control and confidence to truly “let loose” when she sings. I have found Ms. Farrell to be a talented and professional instructor who teaches with unwavering patience- an absolute must for my easily-frustrated daughter. Highly recommended!”

Summer M.


“Ms. Farrell has amazed us beyond words. She has been a wonderful influence and positive role model in our daughters Junior High School experience.  Ms. Farrell’s guidance has helped her realize success comes with hard work, practice and dedication. She has encouraged and fostered the love of music and helped our daughter gain confidence in herself. Ms. Farrell’s love and passion for music has been such an inspiration that we started with voice lessons, but have now included piano!”

– Keleigh W.


 “Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher. She is always willing to help, give neat little tricks to make learning easier and has a great disposition. I am really happy and satisfied with Elizabeth and glad I chose her for my piano teacher.”

Helen J.